>Poetry for Peace .. September 20

>Poetry for Peace at the Goshen Inn

A program of Poetry for Peace will be presented at 7:30 p.m. on
September 20 at the Goshen Inn, 40 Park Place, Goshen, New York. The
suggested donation is $5-10 (though organizers note that “no one will
be turned away”) and will benefit the Orange County Peace and Justice
Coalition and the Democratic Alliance.
The event is described as “a celebration of the creative over the
destructive, of people over profits, an occasion to speak truth to
power and to magnify the human spirit.” According to organizer William
Seaton, participants represent a variety of political positions and
differ in their views of how the war in Iraq may be best concluded,
but most consider it a mistake based on misrepresentation from the
“Poets are citizens as well,” says Seaton, “and they are
particularly skilled at speaking out.” He points to a grand tradition
of activism by American poets since Melville, Thoreau, Emerson, and
Whitman continuing through the Vietnam era into the present.
The Flames of Discontent, called “Hudson Valley heroes” by the
Daily Freeman for “singlehandedly bringing back protest songs,” will
perform as will the Raging Grannies, familiar to many from
Featured poets are Edward Fisher, Robert Milby, Cheryl A. Rice,
William Seaton, Joan Siegel, and Joel Solonche. An open mike will be
available between features at which anyone is invited to read
appropriate poetry.
Light refreshments will be available. For more information call
William Seaton at 845-294-8085.


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