>01.17.2009 : Albany Small Presses Reading at UAG Gallery

>Albany Small Presses Reading at UAG Gallery
Support the small press albany scene…
Hosted By Fence Books.


This Saturday, January 17, 2009

2:45pm – 5:00pm
UAG Gallery
Lark Street
Albany, NY


2:45 start

A.P.D. Press
Dan Wilcox reading / press pub (5-7 minutes) Anthony Bernini reading (8-10

Anchorite Press
Chris Rizzo reading / press pub (5-7 minutes) Pierre Joris reading (8-10

Flim Forum Press
Matthew Klane reading / press pub (5-7 minutes) Eric Gelsinger reading (8-10


Fence Books
Colie Collen reading / press pub (8-10 minutes) Rebecca Wolff reading /
press pub (8-10 minutes)

Albany Poets
R.M. Engelhardt reading / press pub (8-10 minutes)
Thom Francis reading /
press pub (8-10 minutes)

Hope to see all of you there.
It is Time To Support All these Things Which We
Hold So Dear, Lest They Fade…




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