>The Definition Of New Experimental Poetry, Form

>The Honest Transmission Or, The Definition Of New &
Experimental Poetry & Form


Receiving transmissions the poet becomes shaman, healer & psychic the words if unrefined come of nature uncorrupted By style, critics, teachers or rules, pentameters and juxtapositions be damned.

Poets are channels to the innermost self and beyond to the streets and alleyways, the highways and the chains of motion in the universe. We all contain the mystery of thought, eternal and yet limited by our momentary capacities and the conditions of our being. A sincere and perfect poem is like the birth of any new child, when with eyes open for the first time we see the world and all of its possibilities golden…and yet vacant. That part of us missing amongst the cosmos that we long to retouch once more and again. Divided by language & religions, politics and other ridiculous primitive systems & beliefs we now follow the monetary breadcrumbs of a brain-dead icon society. People who many imitate or sadly, try to be.

But what none of them realize is this:

“That Love is the Law & It is THE WORDS THAT MATTER”

And until they do, they waste another day, merely pretending

“To be”

R.M. Engelhardt, Poet 1996/2009


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