Shannon Lynette … Poet

Until Dawn


Kiss me under
A traffic light
Let’s dance
Til after midnight
Hold me under
The stars
And tell me
How beautiful
The sun is
When you see her
In my eyes

In Silence

I’m laying here
In the quiet
Without you
Staring up at
Paper mache clouds
Floating by
With the slightest touch
I need you with me
To feel what I feel
So I’m not alone
Watching paper mache clouds
disappear together

Chase A Dream Before It Falls

I can hardly keep holding on
Trying to chase a dream before it falls

I must be out of my mind
Doesn’t seem real
The world around me
Is closing in

Can’t get you out of my head
Tell me what I need
Tell me what it is I should seek
Give me a sign

Rescue me from these
Shadows swallowing me
I don’t know how to keep breathing
On my own

Falling into a hole
That only you can fill
Reaching out in the hopes
You’ll catch me before I crumble

Come set me free
From this place that’s consuming me

I want to live again
Show me the way to turn

Hold me and tell me
You won’t forget me when you’re gone





Poet, Shannon Lynette
Shannon Lynette

I think that the biggest issue facing writers today is how to market themselves and finding a publisher. It is not difficult to write if that’s what you were meant to do. Pages pile up unread because many people have a hard time trying to cost effectively get those pages into the hands of others. I am a huge fan of independent publishers, but many people don’t even know that they exist. ~ Shannon Lynette From Author Nation

Who is Shannon Lynette?

Shannon is one of the very talented handful of poets living here in the Capital district who is contributing to the Albany,NY scene. A very powerful writer and weaver of words, Shannon is the author of “A PLACE WITH NO NAME”, her most recent book of poetry now available on

This article, featuring the work of new & local poets, painters, musicians and artists is the first of many. Why?
Because here at MythicAlbany we believe in supporting our fellow creative friends and neighbors and letting you (the public) know all about them and their work, art and contributions to the Albany,NY area. This month is National Poetry Month and this will be the first of several articles written which lets you get a glimpse of what matters in our community & makes it better.




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