01.25.2017 Karen Fabiane The Troy Poetry Mission

Happy New Year!

The Troy Poetry Mission returns this month to O’Brien’s Public House with our open mic and January’s featured poet Karen Fabiane.

Wednesday, January 25th
7: 30pm Sign Up
8pm Start Time

With Host R.M. Engelhardt

This is poetry. Step up to the mic .

About Our Featured Poet:

Karen Fabiane was born in 1949 in NYC and grew up on Long Island. Under a different name, she was part of the Manhattan downtown scene during the 1970s, making music, writing & performing poetry, and painting. Her work has been published in 2, Bound, Coal, Delaware County Times, Home Planet News, Newsletter Inago, MisFit, Momoware, New Voices, OM, Poetry Motel, RagShock, Salonika, Title I, Torture House USA, and four different anthologies released by Bright Hill Press, which also published her book, Dancing Bears, in 2011; a 2nd book, Seeing You Again, was published by Grey Book Press in 2014. Her paintings have been exhibited in Seattle, New York City, Washington, DC, and the Capital District of New York (Albany environs) since 1978. Karen recently won a Special Founder’s Award in the Stephen A. DiBiase Poetry Competition (2016), for her poem “Now, morning …”. Moved from Brooklyn to Delaware County (NY) in 1989, she currently lives in Troy.c__data_users_defapps_appdata_internetexplorer_temp_saved-images_14231178_183629592067063_4887314276868523581_o-2


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